The Indian Goddess represents the 'White Shell Woman' a sister to the Changing Woman in the Navajo Mythology. Her name comes from abalone. She is associated with the ocean, the sunrise, fire and maize (corn). White is the colour of the dawn in the east. The White Shell woman, the creator and sustainer of life, created the Navajo people and sent them their home.                                                                                          


As gifts, she gave them the animals; she gave them the gifts of rain and beautiful flowers. With the sun, she is the mother, Protector of Enemies and Child of the Water. A Navajo chant says, 'All things around me are restored in beauty’. It is because the White Woman has come into our lives that this is so, and it is because of her teachings that we can experience the exquisite harmony that comes from being alive on this beautiful earth. Text cited from Navajo mythology: Yoogai asdzaan Whiteshellwoman - moonchilde.  A shot taken at South Golden Beach NSW, on the low tide mark in the early morning.

Indian Goddess