Where Can I find the Divine Purple Emperor

A Serene Welcome to 'Shifting Sands'

Come closer and explore the connection between fine art photography, creativity, and inspiration. Where I explore the initial conception of an idea to the creation of the final image, giving my fine art a meaning and a voice. The inspirational print I have chosen is a Print from my Shivers collection. I'll present the following:

  • An Overview of the print

  • The Unveiling of the Unspoken Words, followed by

  • My Secret Inspirational Story

  • The Drifts Unique Voice and

  • Provide some useful Links

Let's set off and explore some delights! We are heading to the quiet sanctuary of South Golden Beach of NSW near Byron Bay, where I found my jewel, then off to the cool hinterland of Canberra our nation’s capital ACT, where the tulips explode into vibrant color for the Spring Floriade spectacular each year and the Multicultural festival featuring international music, dance, and creative arts.

The Divine Purple Emperor