Mangroves Unearth Inspirational Drift behind Fine Art Prints

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Shifting Sands

A Warm Welcome to 'Shifting Sands'

Here I explore the connection between fine art, creativity and inspiration. From the initial conception of an idea to the creation of the final image, giving my fine art a voice. To do this I've utilized one of my inspirational Prints from the Intertidal collection.

  • To start with I will give an Overview of the print.

  • Then I will reflect on my thoughts about the print from my collection in the description Unspoken words.

  • Next, I'll share with you the satisfaction of unearthing the burning passion behind my style of fine art via my past experience in a short Story or two.

  • Finally, ill Reflect on its Drift, and the sense of achievement of Giving a Voice to one's creative instincts. I look forward to sharing the fine art journey I am about to take you on.

OK Let's Go! We are heading into the diverse estuarine mangroves of NSW, then exploring the pristine coastal sands of the Northern Territory.

Mangrove Barron Sandscape - Overview