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Michelle Jane Cochrane is an Australia artist who has been living and working in Far north Queensland for the past 17 years, originally from New South Wales, she moved to the Northern Rivers region of Byron Bay in 2018, where she fell in love with the endless shorelines and fresh mountain air, both inspirations for her fine art photography.

Michelle has been engaged in art for over 40 years, self-taught, Michelle has expressed her artist flare previously through watercolor and interior design.

Unique Attributes: What & Where & When

She captures her fleeting images at the water’s edge, this is where the magic happens!  As the ocean recedes and the sun rises over the horizon, it casts silhouettes and contours along the intertidal zone. As the water ebbs and flows and the elements deposit marooned flotsam and jetsam, leaving behind transient tidal etchings and patterns, individually sculpted out of sand, shadows, textures and drift lines, each with a story to tell, unspoken engraved along the shoreline.


She works primarily with nature's vignettes, capturing distinctive tidal etchings through her photography highlighting the layers of light, colors and shadows saturated in the sand with precision and intent. Transforming them utilizing computer graphics into fluid artistic images, each image representing a fleeting snapshot of natures in time, that can be swept away in seconds by the very next wave, leaving behind a fresh canvas, for the next transient creation. 

This technique enables her to embellish nature’s own printing process known as ‘phytoglyphy’ to create unimaginable prints on canvas that are authentic one of a kind pieces of art. All images are sourced along the local shorelines and estuaries and crafted at the Drift n  Tides studio.

Her collections are part of a recent series of prints, celebrating nature's dynamic everchanging shift in time and space.
Some clear themes have emerged: otherworldly and extraordinary

  • Shivers - Butterflies and bugs 

  • Biomorphic - Earthly creatures and landscapes

  • Entities - Sentient lifeforms 


Michelle has spent many years exploring nature and has been inspired by First Nation culture that she has been privileged to experience. She feels a special bond with nature and has learnt to stop and pay attention to the sights and sounds that it has to offer. Her unique images open the door to a new way to view nature's infinite experiences. This form of art allows her to connect in a spiritual and meaningful way, where new patterns and fresh dimensions appear telling their own story and seeks an understanding of those harmonious interconnected relationships. 

Her  tidal prints enable each of us to share in the air of mystery and magic of nature that exists right on the fringes of our daily lives, to reflect and take pleasure in the transient nature of awareness and unity that surrounds us, and keep a snap shot to remind ourselves, of how lucky we are to have the natural landscape we live in.  

Self promotion:

Her favourite artform is Eclectic deriving ideas, styles from a range of sources over the years, allowing her to explore the intersection of nature with everyday life in her photography and prints. She connects with the art community via the local art cooperative. Her work has been on show at ‘Made in Mullum’ in Mullumbimby.

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