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Drift n Tides is the inspiration of artist Michelle Cochrane, who uses the digital art process to create beautiful art prints. Choose your coastal wall decor on high quality german etching paper, stretched on canvas or unstretched. These beach themed canvas prints show in magnificent detail the aspects of coastal life in Australia. If you recall wandering the beach as a child with your imagination and a handful of found objects as company, you will appreciate the artist's practice of abstraction that brings that happy and carefree time immediately to mind. 



Earthly creatures and Landscapes

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Grungy Rainbow Seed by DriftnTides Australian Art


Butterflies and Insects


Sentient Lifeforms and Long Ladies

Deja Vu by Drift n Tides Australian Art

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About Drift n Tides

Feeling a special bond to nature, artist Michelle Cochrane captures the fleeting and transient images at the water's edge. As the tide ebbs and flows, the beach is engraved with tidal etchings and patterns, individually sculpted with their own shadows, textures, and drift lines. Michelle captures these ephemeral moments in her art at Drift n Tides.

Creating beautiful prints that represents a uniquely Australian voice, Drift n Tides prints fit in any home, office, or space. View our full collection below, or find out more about the artist.

Michelle taking Photos at the beach by Drift n Tides Australian Art

An Australian Art Blog

The Blog 'Shifting Sands' is an Art Blog created by Michelle Cochrane. You can find posts featuring inspired stories, tips, and beautiful photography of the locations she visits along the Northern Rivers Coastline. Among the blogs you will find a little bit of everything ranging from tips, to art and design inspiration to marine conservation, and other topic’s. As well as providing useful content and resource links.